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Phone: 303.893.0805
Fax: 303.320.7665

Venture Prep MOVE

New Address: 2900 Richard Allen Court, Denver CO 80205
Our office will be closed from June 6th through June 24th.
Over the summer our phone lines will be open and our number
remains the same:

Seats filling up fast for 2016-17

Venture Prep High School is a free charter school serving families in the Denver Metro area. Students from outside of DPS are welcome.

  • College Prep
  • Career Exploration
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Intense Advisory Program
  • Small Class Size
  • Personalized Education
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Yearbooks are In

And they are awesome! Pre-orders can be picked up in your crew class. If you didn't order one, you can still buy one. Cost is $25 each, senior and staff discount - $20. To purchase, see the front office or Ms. Verner.
New Girls Group Forming
Led by Ms. Dina Skinner, this group is open to all 9th to 11th grade girls at Venture Prep. Activities will include mentoring, socializing, life skills, field trips and more. They are now hosting focus groups to get the effort up and running for next year.  If you are interested in joining, see Ms. Wheeler.
Thanks to our Supporters!
Our VP Celebration at Barrett was a huge success, largely due to donations from the following local businesses:
Cake Crumbs
Elite Entertainment
Nola Voodoo Tavern and Perks Café
Syrup Restaurant
Thank you for your generous support!


Congratulations, VP Graduates!
This year's commencement was held on Friday, May 27th, at 6:00 pm, in  the Venture Prep auditorium, 2540 Holly Street.
Once again, our senior class has achieved 100% college acceptance, and an outstanding amount of scholarship offers.
College scholarship offers:
Ivy Chavez - $68,000 to Regis University
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - $68,000 to Regis University and $30,000 to Denver University
Clint Sayles - $2,000 to Northeastern Junior College
Nikki Riedel - $2,500 from Denver PFLAG
Niqueeda Teasley - $2,000 to Northeastern Junior College
Rocio Vasquez -$68,000 to Regis University
Carissa Brooks - $60,000 to Regis University
College acceptances:
De'Jante Tramble - University of Northern Colorado
Nuvia Espinoza-Bencomo - Community College of Aurora
De'Jante Tramble - Metro State University
Joseph Montoya - Emilty Griffith College of Business & Technology
De'Jante Tramble - Colorado State University
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - Clark University
De'Jante Tramble - Regis University
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - Colorado Mesa University
Marissa Gonzales - University of Colorado at Denver
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - University of Denver
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - Regis University
Anthony Powell - University of Northern Colorado
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - CreightonUniversity
Nuvia Espinoza-Bencomo - Metro State University
Tahj  Quattlebaum - Regis University
La'Teia Allen - Metro State University
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - Mount Holyoke
La'Teia Allen- Colorado Mesa University
Yammy Avitia-Valdez - Colorado State University
Nikki Riedel - University of Colorado at Denver
De'Jante Tramble - Fisk University
Nikki Riedel - Regis University
Marissa Gonzales - University of Northern Colorado
Marissa Gonzales - University of Colorado at Denver
Nikki  Riedel - University of Northern Colorado
De'Jante Tramble - Langston University
Nikki Riedel - University of Colorado
Kiyasha Banks - University of Northern Colorado
Marissa Gonzales - Regis University
Ivy Chavez - University of Colorado at Denver
Kiki Banks - Tuskegee University
Julius Miller - Metro State University
Savion Harris - Arapahoe Community College
Ivy Chavez - Regis University
Ivy Chavez - University of Northern Colorado
Kiki Banks - Langston University
Juan DePaz - Colorado State University
Blanca Cardenas-Ramirez - University of Colorado at Denver
Kiki Banks - Metro Staet University
Anthony Powell- University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Davion Briggs - Northeastern Junior College
Luz Salas - Community College of Denver
LaKenya Golden - Emily Griffith College of Business & Technolocy
Kiki Banks - Colorado Mmesa University
Clint Sayles - Northeasetern Junior College
Shamiece Jackson - Community College of Denver
Karina Monge- Community College of Denver
Moises Perez-Lobera - Pickens Technical College
Kiki Banks - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Rea'l Crockett - Langston University
Rea'l Crockett - Metro State University
Tahj Quattlebaum - Metro State University
Ivy Chavez - Colorado State University
Tahj Quattlebaum - Northeastern Junior College
Josh McMahon - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

VP at Barrett Celebration